When Retail Giants Like Walmart and Amazon Invade Healthcare

From HealthLeaders:

Steven Porter writes in HealthLeaders that “healthcare executives and industry analysts alike say greeting these (Walmart and Amazon) disruptors with blanket resistance would be counterproductive, largely because hospitals and health systems seem to need what these retailers have to offer.

“I think that there’s a real opportunity for a place like Walmart to start building healthcare delivery in lower-acuity settings that move beyond the kind of clinics inside the stores where you’re basically doing flu shots … and relatively simple, straightforward stuff,” Matthews says. “I think you could start moving to more of an urgent care model, where you start dealing with patients that have somewhat more complex but still basically primary care needs.”

“These new entries into the market, quite frankly, are forcing us to either change and to become much more consumer-savvy or—at least in my professional opinion—many of us will not survive,” says Donald H. Lloyd II, president and CEO of CHRISTUS St. Patrick Health System, based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and licensed for 277 beds.

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The insurance network has long been the cornerstone of many insurance carriers’ value propositions. But reference-based pricing plans do not make use of network contracts, and many self-funded plans see less value in obtaining these agreements.

Without a network to fall back on, the country’s leading health insurers will be on more level footing with third-party administrators for self-insured and reference-based pricing plans. That has prompted some carriers to take steps to diversify their service lines, leading them to acquire physician networks and other healthcare providers.

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