Building a Next-Generation Platform for Care at Home

CareCentrix has published a new whitepaper outlining how home-centered care drives significant savings, promotes recovery, and increases patient satisfaction. Unfortunately, according to the paper, home care remains underused due to barriers that are structurally embedded into the healthcare system.

The white paper, “Building a Next-Generation Platform for Care at Home” explores what it would take for the home to become the center of patient care.

The paper concludes that health plans need to take a closer look at how implementing a robust home health benefit that includes telehealth and value-add services (such as transportation and personal care) can reduce upfront costs as well as help limit downstream costs from hospital readmissions, repeat surgeries, and other complications.

Download a copy here.

Why Qualcomm Is Betting on Wireless Health

Qualcomm Life, launched two years ago as a division of the San Diego–based telecommunications giant Qualcomm, is building software and protocols that could bring some order to the chaos of health data. Its first product, called the 2Net Platform, is a system for getting wireless data off those devices and onto the Internet servers of clients, like health device makers or hospitals.

About half of American adults have some kind of chronic condition, including obesity, arthritis, or diabetes, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Wireless devices could let more of their health care happen at home. A PricewaterhouseCoopers report this year estimated that mobile health technology could help save developed countries $400 billion by 2017.

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