California Public Exchange to Delay Quality Rating System

Covered California has decided not to include a quality rating system for health plans when the new insurance marketplace kicks off enrollment in October.

The issue has been controversial because some plans have complained there is not enough time to prepare their reporting systems to track the requested data.

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ACA Obstacle: Consumers’ Confusion When Picking a Plan

Recent surveys show that U.S. residents are confused by the ACA — and, more generally, by health insurance — which has led some observers to question whether the exchanges’ open enrollment period will proceed smoothly or be too overwhelming for those who would benefit most from the reform law.

Many health care experts see the health insurance exchanges as the most crucial component of the health reform law.

Supporters hope that the exchanges — which primarily will serve individuals and small businesses — will function similarly to websites like Amazon and Expedia, allowing users to choose among various health plans through an easily navigable online store.

Open enrollment begins Oct. 1, and if survey findings are any indication, it could be a very confusing time for those buying insurance.

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