Stellar Health Announces Partnership with Elderplan, Inc. to Improve Value-Based Care Delivery Across New York City

Stellar Health (“Stellar”), a leading technology company that offers a web-based point-of-care platform that leverages historical patient information to provide granular, value-based action prompts to the entire primary care team, has expanded their footprint by partnering with Elderplan, Inc. (“Elderplan”). Elderplan, which offers health plans for Medicare and Dual Eligible beneficiaries, along with HomeFirst, one of the original managed long-term care plans in New York, is a member of the not-for-profit MJHS Health System family and has partnered with Stellar to support its network in attaining value-based care (“VBC”) success.

Stellar helps primary care providers achieve VBC goals and rewards practices for the time they spend on value-based actions with real-time incentives. Elderplan has implemented Stellar’s innovative point-of-care platform and real-time incentive model across their provider network, working in close collaboration with independent practice associations (“IPAs”) across New York City. The IPAs using the platform include, Rayn, Excelsior, Bronx United, Proactive Care, Central Queens, Sovereign Phoenix, Starling, and Empire. These organizations play a pivotal role in provider success and have embraced Elderplan’s value-based care commitment. Read More: PRNewsWire

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