Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Doctor On Demand Launch SimplyVirtual(SM)

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care today announced the launch of SimplyVirtualSM, a new, innovative model for health care that gives members access to virtual visits with primary care providers (PCPs) and care team support through its existing partner, Doctor On Demand. The new plan will be available to large employers (51+ subscribers) in Connecticut, with a January 1, 2021 effective date. SimplyVirtualSM is the first virtual primary care plan being offered by a health insurance company in Connecticut.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an accelerated, increased demand of telehealth and virtual doctor visits. While in-person visits are resuming, patients have a continued interest in this model of health care. From February 2020 to April 2020, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care member use of telehealth services increased by 6,148% in Connecticut alone. The new SimplyVirtualSM plan is an affordable alternative for plan members who value the flexibility that telehealth offers, and are looking for a relationship-centered experience that focuses on shared decision-making between providers and patients. Read More: PrimePublishers

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