The Value of Connected Behavioral, Medical and Pharmacy Benefits

For the fourth year in a row, Cigna’s Value of Integration study demonstrates that connecting medical, pharmacy and behavioral benefits increases customer engagement, supports the whole person and reduces total medical costs. The results leveraged methodology developed with KPMG in 2018, in a match-case control study that examined approximately 2.2 million customers over a 2-year period.  The study compared those who have Cigna integrated medical, pharmacy, and comprehensive behavioral vs. those who have Cigna medical and basic behavioral coverage.

The study also revealed that when benefits are triple-integrated with Cigna, the focus on body and mind results in a 32% lower mental health readmissions*, 18% fewer out-of-network behavioral claims*, 5% higher utilization of high-performing, in-network providers* and a 4% reduction in out-of-network claims. * This translates to savings for both the individual and their employer.  Read More: Cigna

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