Walmart Ups Its Digital Health & Wellness Capabilities With $200M Purchase Of CareZone’s Technology

Walmart has reportedly paid some $200 million to buy key assets from CareZone, a Seattle-based health-technology start-up that promises to manage prescription drugs for each family member.

Launched 10 years ago, CareZone develops apps to help patients manage their medicines. It also built technology for users to scan insurance cards and prescription-drug labels, making it easier for users to determine what’s covered by their health plan or to organize a home delivery. CareZone told CNBC the apps have about 3.5 million members.

The deal also makes Walmart more competitive in the $500 billion prescription drug space after Amazon bought PillPack, a pharmacy delivery and medication management startup, in 2018 for $753 million. Walmart lost out on a chance to buy the company after Amazon’s bid came in higher. Read More:



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