How Social Determinants of Health Will Impact the Future of Benefit Coverages

Do you have access to healthy foods, transportation to a doctor, high-speed internet for telemed appointments, or a roof over your head? These are assumptions that most of us take for granted, and are not the questions that insurers usually take into consideration. But, as they look to increase member outcomes and foster long-term customer loyalty, considering the changing needs of many consumers in the face of today’s current affairs, it’s time they did.

In fact, forward-looking health plans are doing just that by incorporating the concept of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) into their coverage offerings.

SDOH looks at the totality of the social elements that contribute to health, drawing a connection between the correlations of socio-economics and sickness. It includes factors such as housing, transportation, education, and social isolation. Read More: HIT Consultant

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