HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Pelosi Says ACA Measure to Come by July 4

The House will vote on a package of Affordable Care Act measures meant to make insurance cheaper and convince more states to expand their Medicaid programs, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said yesterday.

Pelosi told reporters that Democratic leaders have put an “Affordable Care Act stabilization” bill on the schedule for action before July 4. A senior Democratic aide said members have been working on an ACA package that would expand Obamacare’s insurance subsidies and push more states to extend eligibility for their public health insurance programs for the poor to a wider swath of people.

The legislation hasn’t yet been introduced, but it would be similar to legislation (H.R. 1884) already passed by the House that would have beefed up the ACA’s insurance subsidies and made other reforms to the health-care law. That bill was largely ignored by Senate Republican leadership, who didn’t take it up, Alex Ruoff reports. Read More: Bloomberg

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