Change Healthcare Launches Connected Consumer Health™ Suite

Today Change Healthcare (Nasdaq: CHNG) unveiled the Connected Consumer Health™ suite, an innovative new consumer and financial engagement platform collaboration with Adobe and Microsoft for healthcare providers, which provides a modern, streamlined experience throughout the patient journey.

The rise of consumerism in healthcare has patients seeking to evaluate their healthcare choices as they would any other product or service––by conducting online research, reading reviews, comparing prices, and ultimately engaging those who best fit their needs and budgets. In order to establish a more enriching consumer experience, patient engagement must evolve to satisfy these demands.

The Connected Consumer Health™ suite helps make this possible. Change Healthcare’s collaboration with Adobe and Microsoft has yielded a solution that offers patients an enhanced experience, providing physician details and patient reviews, together with access to price comparisons and other features related to their care––all on an integrated, scalable, and more secure platform. Read More: Change Healthcare

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