How To Guide Your Employees Towards Retirement Preparedness

From Forbes:

Forbes has published an article by Martin Trussell, Executive Director of ECFC, that explains how a Health Savings Account (HSA) can be an essential part of an organization’s benefits package, offering many advantages to employees. 

“Today, retirement readiness not only includes savings needed to meet daily living expenses but also preparations for the expenses of rising medical costs. Unlike earlier generations, most workers retiring now and in the future will not have an employer-sponsored health plan to help them absorb healthcare costs not covered by Medicare.” – Martin Trussell

Trussell explained, “One feature of an HSA that many overlook is that money in the account can be accumulated and put to work in an investment account offered by most HSA custodians. A wide array of stocks, bonds and mutual funds are generally available through such a brokerage account. These offerings are beneficial for those wanting to establish a secure retirement.”

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