Devenir Releases Viewpoints White Paper – Best Practices: HSA Investments & Menu Design

MINNEAPOLIS — Devenir, a thought leader in the HSA investment marketplace, has released a white paper Viewpoint exploring best practices for HSA investments & menu design.

In a press release, Devenir notes that widespread interest has put HSA investments, an important aspect of HSAs, in the spotlight. Several recent reports, publications and articles have featured HSA investing as a promising tool for improving health and wealth. While these reports have often made compelling points and offered insight, most have viewed HSAs through external lenses and failed to capture important nuances of the HSA market. HSAs differ from 401(k)s and other more traditional retirement accounts in a number of ways. By offering best-practice marketplace conventions, stakeholders can form more comprehensive and healthier assessments of the HSA investment landscape.

Highlights from the Viewpoint include:

  • Menu Design: Well-designed investment menus typically offer broad asset class coverage that provides for various HSA strategy objectives.
  • Investment Quality: Comparing performance and a holistic approach to evaluating cost.
  • Plan Design: Implementing menu changes in the HSA space & plan features in demand

“Since HSA investments have come into the spotlight, we felt it made sense to share some of the insights we’ve gathered over 14 years of experience in the HSA marketplace,” said Zach Haas, lead author of the white paper and investment analyst at Devenir.

The full version of the Viewpoint is available exclusively to Devenir’s clients

Click here to access the Executive Summary.

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