Self-Insurance Is Just the Start, Say Health Plan Innovators

From SHRM:

Stephen Miller, CEBS writes in SHRM that health plan trendsetters speaking at panel discussions at the recent 2018 World Health Care Congress in Washington, D.C. say that “employers are not being bold enough with their self-insurance strategies.”

Miller writes, “A change that the experts wanted to see is greater price transparency for health care services.”

“Any CEO in the country can quickly look up what they pay for paper clips, but when you ask the same question about a back surgery, they don’t know the cost,” said Lee Lewis, innovative practice lead at benefits broker Arthur J. Gallagher. “There are about 350 procedures that make up 90 percent-plus of all the health care dollars we spend. It’s not that hard to figure out the cost of 350 things” and then use plan incentives to encourage enrollees to select high-quality, cost-effective providers.

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