Heritage Foundation says Obamacare Cost Sharing is Too High, Even for HSAs

Edmund Haislmaier, a Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation has published a paper in which he states, “over half of all plan designs offered on Healthcare.gov in 2018 have out-of-pocket maximums that are too high for the plan to qualify as HSA-compatible.”
Haislmaier notes that “Obamacare plans continue to raise costs on patients in the form of higher deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and premiums.” However, he says while “Congress created health savings accounts (HSAs) to help patients save tax-free dollars for health expenses—but most Obamacare plans do not allow for that option.”
Congress, according to Haislmaier,  needs to “make it easier to use HSAs, and address Obamacare’s damage to the private market, which would help lower costs and expand choices.”

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