Ideas to Make Health Care Affordable Again

Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) has published a white paper called “Ideas to Make Health Care Affordable Again.” In the paper, Cassidy notes that “more Americans are concerned about health care costs (85%) than are concerned about other common worries like retirement (73%), housing (66%), and child care (49%).” He states that everyone agrees that the top health care priority should be lowering health care costs.

Cassidy urges members of Congress to take commonsense actions to lower health care costs by focusing on six policy areas: I. Empowering patients to reduce their health care costs II. Lowering health insurance premiums III. Ending health care monopolies by increasing competition IV. Decreasing drug costs for patients V. Eliminating administrative burdens and costs VI. Reducing costs through primary care, prevention, and chronic disease management.

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