Kaiser Permanente joins Veterans Affairs Center for Innovation Partnerships Program

OAKLAND, Calif., and WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Together, the Veterans Health Administration and Kaiser Permanente provide care and service to nearly 18 million Americans. Today the two organizations announced they will pool resources and ideas to solve some of the largest and most complex challenges in health care.

As part of the Veterans Affairs Center of Innovation Partnership Program, the two organizations will research and share best practices in four specific areas:

  • Connected health and virtual care
  • Genomics
  • Care of patients who are veterans and also members of Kaiser Permanente
  • Advanced analytics to leverage innovative uses of large data sets and population management

“We are eager to continue to redesign the experience of our veterans seeking health care to increase ease of access and quality of services,” said Patrick Littlefield, director of the VA Center for Innovation. “We’re excited about this partnership to make way for useful and tangible outputs.”

VA and Kaiser Permanente will pursue publication as appropriate to share findings with the health care industry as best practices are developed. This partnership will not only advance health care for VA and Kaiser Permanente patients, but also will provide better health outcomes for all patients.


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