New Research Shows ACA Exchanges Will Compete with Private Insurers; None are Easy

CHANGE SCIENCES HEALTH INSURANCE INFOGRAPHICNEW YORK, /PRNewswire/ — Web researchers Change Sciences Group released new data this week comparing the insurance shopping experience on public health exchange web sites, including the new site, with the shopping experience on private health insurance sites. According to the research, the new site (released on November 30) offers an insurance shopping experience which is now on par with leading private insurer web sites such as Aetna, eHealth and Kaiser Permanente.

The new site is said to be dramatically more engaging, usable, and likely to convert than it was in early November. Since then, the insurance shopping experience has improved overall by 30%, which moved it up to second in the study from its bottom ranking.

Both the public and private insurance sites studied fall far behind of the shopping experiences provided by top e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Kayak, and as a group, health insurance sites perform far worse than the two top e-commerce sites for hard measures of usability, such as time on task and success rate, as well as softer usability measures like perceived ease of use and perceived success.

According to Pamela Pavliscak, who directed the research project, “There has been a perception that private insurers were far ahead of the public exchanges. This new data shows that the public exchanges can be competitive, at least in support of shopping for plans. It also shows online direct-to-consumer health insurance has a long way to go before it is as easy to shop for a health plan as it is to shop for a TV or a plane ticket.”

The new data is based on Change Sciences’ Experience Cloud platform, which makes it possible to measure and compare how people experience web sites to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement. To learn more about the research, visit:


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