Next Generation Retail Technology Designed to help Health Plans Differentiate their Private Exchange Marketplaces

SEATTLE – October 22, 2013 – Array Health, a leading provider of private health insurance exchange technology, today announced the next generation of its Array Spectrum™ Member Marketplace, the consumer-facing module of its private exchange solution.

Array Health claims that exchanges built with this next generation retail technology will help health plans differentiate their privately branded online marketplaces from less consumer-friendly offerings and ultimately help them attract and retain more customers.

Array’s SmartFit decision support tool uses a behavioral analysis approach that, according to Array Health, contrasts greatly with decision-making methodologies used by other private exchange technology providers.

In addition to providing a breakthrough consumer experience, Array Health’s new Member Marketplace is said to provide rich data and analytics capabilities that help insurers understand the needs of different demographic segments. With this insight they can hone product design, optimize their sales process and generate incremental revenue by offering relevant ancillary products.

Highmark Health Services, one of the largest health plans in the U.S., will leverage the next generation Member Marketplace to strengthen its MyBenefits defined contribution health insurance platform.

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