Connecticut Health Care Redesign Plan Focuses on Primary Care, Doctor Payments and Reducing Waste

The ct Mirror is reporting that a team of state officials and health care industry representatives are trying to redesign the way health care is paid for and delivered to the vast majority of Connecticut residents.

According to a draft of their plan, their vision includes bolstering primary care practices to take on a larger role in patient care and offer treatment during expanded hours. It calls for better linking of medical practices with social services and other supports that could help people in high-risk communities. And it includes changing the way health care providers are paid by giving them an incentive to rein in what their patients’ care costs — a model that’s been embraced by Medicare and insurance companies but has drawn fire from patient advocates.

The article notes that many Connecticut primary care practices have already been recognized as medical homes by one of several national groups. The program being proposed would include some Connecticut-specific standards, but would not require practices that already meet one set of medical home standards to go through the whole process again.

The plan also calls for shifting the way health care is paid for, from a fee-for-service system that rewards providing more care to one that compensates health care providers for providing high-value care and reducing waste and inefficiency. -See the full story at

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