MedMarketLink Partners With Intuit Health for Website Patient Portals

DENVER, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ — Vanguard Communications, the company offering MedMarketLink – an integrated suite of marketing and technology services for specialty medical practices – announced today a partnership with Intuit Health to provide Internet-based portals for health care consumers to go to doctors’ websites and directly request appointments, fill out new-patient forms, pay bills, refill prescriptions and check lab results, among other patient-doctor conveniences.

Vanguard – whose MedMarketLink program has delivered tens of thousands of new patients since 1999 to specialists in fertility and in vitro fertilization (IVF), neurosurgery, urology, and oncology, among others – selected Intuit Health as a portal partner due to its unique breadth of software interfaces.

“Medical software companies capture medical practices as data captives,” Vanguard CEO Ron King said. “Building bridges between these proprietary systems is quite tricky. Our research found other portal developers had managed to negotiate access to a grand total of two medical database systems at most.”

In contrast, King noted, Intuit Health – whose parent company sells TurboTax, Quicken and QuickBooks software – has negotiated access to more than 40 providers of practice-management software and electronic medical records (EMR). As a result, the Intuit portals can work with dozens of practice-management and EMR systems from Centricity to Misys to meridianEMR to TSI Healthcare.

Today more than 2.8 million patients and 400,000 health providers use Intuit portals in medical practice websites. (Practices that implement portals may qualify for the $44,000-per-physician reimbursement funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.)

“This is a proven turnkey product,” King said. “We’ve seen medical groups spend years and sometimes millions of dollars to roll out even the basics of a system. However, we can integrate the Intuit portals into our clients’ websites for availability to patients almost overnight.”

The Intuit portals are the latest addition to a sophisticated package of marketing and technology services in the MedMarketLink program that includes practice public relations, website development and publishing, search-engine optimization (SEO), Internet advertising (pay-per-click), and online and offline practice and physician reputation management.

About MedMarketLink

MedMarketLink uniquely delivers the force of multiple professional disciplines to the growth of private medical practices by merging the art of marketing communications with the science of technology through direct-to-consumer and physician-to-physician marketing and reputation management. For more information

About Intuit Health

Intuit Health is the industry leader in communication solutions for patients, providers, and health plans. For more information please visit or call (877) 599-5123.

SOURCE Vanguard Communications

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