Medica Personalized Products and Programs Rolled Out for 2011 Open Enrollment

Medica is offering a number of new programs and products during 2011 open enrollment this fall designed to engage members in their health care decisions while personalizing their experience. The offerings range from programs that customize health information a member receives and reward healthy behaviors to a new consumer-directed health plan product. For employers offering the programs, and their employees who participate in them, the incentives could include lower premium contributions, enriched benefits and financial rewards.

New online health assessment drives personalization
A central feature of Medica’s new programs is a new, research-backed health assessment that is unique and proprietary to Medica. It identifies members’ knowledge, skills and confidence levels for managing their health – valuable insights that help Medica better tailor support for each individual. Eligible members age 18 and older take the assessment the first time they sign on to Medica’s newly redesigned online health and wellness center.

Through Medica’s new online health and wellness center, members will be encouraged to complete eight health topics. The topics are suited to each member’s ability as identified in the health assessment.

Personalized scorecards
Another personalized feature of Medica’s new offerings is a scorecard that allows members to follow the status of their health in a simplified manner. The program creates personalized scorecards with health actions tailored to each individual through an evaluation of claims data, biometric results and health assessments. The scorecard captures preventive cancer screenings based on age and gender. Additionally, it will identify disease-specific care requirements and highlight corresponding gaps in care. Members will receive incentives and rewards for completing the health action items on their scorecard. The scorecard is accessed through Medica’s online health and wellness center.

Biometric screening
Biometric screening is one way to assess risk for heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Medica is promoting the screenings in workplace settings. During a biometric screening, a health professional collects a drop of blood to measure cholesterol and glucose. In addition, the health professional will measure body mass index, height, weight and blood pressure. Results are available immediately and health education and wellness resources are provided to each participant. Like other Medica programs that provide personalized results, members who have a biometric screening are rewarded for their participation.

Medica Personal RewardsSM
Depending on the benefit package designed by their employers, members who participate in the above programs could be rewarded with gift cards, lower premium contributions, richer benefits and most importantly, improvements in their health and well-being. It’s all part of a reward program called Member Personal RewardsSM.

Employers, meanwhile, have the opportunity to be rewarded with healthier, more productive employees, rate guarantees and reduced premiums.

Physician Transparency Program
In addition to programs that personalize members’ health care experience, Medica is introducing a new physician transparency program for care and cost information. Medica Premium Designation is unique to the Minnesota market in its use of evidence-based, medical society and national industry standards to evaluate individual physicians across 20 specialties for quality and cost efficiency. Physicians who achieve a quality rating will receive one star, while physicians achieving both quality and cost-efficiency ratings will receive two stars. Physicians must first achieve a quality rating before being evaluated for cost efficiency.

CDHP with OptumHealth Financial
In 2011, Medica will also offer a new slate of comprehensive consumer-directed health plans (CDHP). It has teamed with OptumHealth Financial Services (OptumHealth) to deliver enhanced CDHP solutions to customers of all sizes. This exclusive partnership with OptumHealth includes CDHPs integrated with Health Savings Accounts, Healthcare Reimbursement Accounts, and Flexible Savings Accounts and also offers retiree solutions and COBRA administration.

About Medica
Medica is a health insurance company headquartered in Minneapolis and active in the Upper Midwest. With nearly 1.6 million members, the non-profit company provides health care coverage in the employer, individual, Medicaid, Medicare and Medicare Part D markets in Minnesota and a growing number of counties in North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Medica also offers national network coverage to employers who also have employees outside the Medica regional network.

Medica has the highest accreditation status, Excellent, from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA®) for its Minnesota Medicaid HMO plans and commercial health plans in Minnesota and North Dakota. Medica’s vision is to become the community’s health plan of choice, trusted for its integrity, respected for its service, and admired for its commitment to innovation and efficiency.

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