TriZetto Launches Electronic Record for Health Plans Covering a Third of Americans.

The TriZetto Group, Inc. announced the general availability of its payer-based Personal Health Record (PHR). Now offered to consumers and their physicians through health plans, TriZetto’s PHR is the nation’s first electronic record available to as much as a third or more of all Americans with private health insurance.

Electronic records display a patient’s medical history online to improve efficiency, reduce paperwork and help improve the cost and quality of care. The general availability of TriZetto’s PHR extends to payer customers of its Facets™ enterprise administration software, covering 90 million licensed members. Health plans using TriZetto’s QNXT™ administration system will be able to deploy the PHR to an additional 16 million people by the summer of 2010, while benefits administrators that use TriZetto’s QicLink™ administration system will be able to make the PHR available to another 7 million individuals sometime during the first half of 2011.

“While there’s much discussion on Capitol Hill and in the healthcare community about the promise of electronic health records (EHRs) and electronic medical records (EMRs), these provider-based tools are years away from broad adoption,” explained Dave Pinkert, senior vice president of product management at TriZetto. “TriZetto’s PHR is available now to improve the efficiency and coordination of healthcare in our country, and it will bridge the gap to EHRs and EMRs.”

TriZetto expects its PHR to “vault ahead” of EHRs and EMRs and benefit the healthcare system sooner because the PHR taps the already digital, very rich healthcare records of procedures and diagnoses in the information systems of health plans to give providers a historical summary, or “health resume,” of patients.

“Not only does TriZetto’s secure PHR automatically populate and update with the clinical information that doctors and hospitals provide when they submit claims to healthcare payers, but it allows consumers to enter information about themselves, their family history and their conditions and medications,” Pinkert said. “Our PHR reduces paperwork and wait time at check-in and provides a shared document that a doctor and patient can use together to manage the person’s health.”

TriZetto’s PHR downloads to the doctor when office staff requests confirmation of a member’s eligibility. It is accessible online to the member, is designed for easy portability, so it follows the consumer when he or she changes health plans.

Unlike an EHR or EMR, which captures a patient’s medical record at just one hospital or medical practice, TriZetto’s PHR captures the patient’s record of care from all the providers that file claims. It therefore provides each treating clinician with a more complete view of the patient’s health history, enhancing the coordination of care.

“TriZetto’s PHR uniquely supports the ‘medical-home’ approach to care, a trend among providers and an element of healthcare reform legislation,” added Pinkert.

TriZetto’s PHR advances TriZetto’s Integrated Healthcare Management (IHM) strategy by tapping the healthcare information in payer organizations to provide physicians and consumers with the right information at the right time so they can make the most informed decisions about medical care. TriZetto defines IHM as the systematic application of processes, shared information and aligned incentives to optimize the coordination of benefits and care for the healthcare consumer.

About TriZetto

Founded in 1997, TriZetto is the leading privately held healthcare information technology company to the healthcare payer industry. With its technology touching half of the U.S. insured population, TriZetto is Powering Integrated Healthcare Management®, the systematic application of processes and shared information to optimize the coordination of benefits and care for the healthcare consumer. The company’s offerings include enterprise and component software, hosting, outsourcing services and consulting that help payers implement and optimize their operations and minimize the risk of bringing to market new products that drive competitive differentiation.  Visit

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