GE Healthcare Announces its New Clinical Knowledge Platform.

GE Healthcare has announced its new clinical knowledge platform that enables healthcare delivery organizations to improve performance against their quality targets. Its is called Qualibria.

According to a press release, Qualibria gives clinicians more control over patient outcomes by bringing together real-time data from existing IT systems and comparing these data against shared baselines of evidence-based best practices.

Qualibria is the result of a multi-year collaboration between GE, Intermountain Healthcare and the Mayo Clinic.

“As with many healthcare institutions, clinical excellence is a top priority at Intermountain,” said Marc Probst, Chief Information Officer of Intermountain Healthcare. “We partnered with GE to build Qualibria because we needed an innovative platform that would continue Intermountain’s history of clinical quality improvement while allowing us to share clinical best practices with other organizations who have a passion for improving their performance. We’re very proud of the contributions we’ve made to Qualibria and we believe that it will allow our institution and countless others to achieve new levels of quality.”

GE also announced today that Mayo Clinic has agreed to an expanded collaboration on Qualibria. For the last two years, Mayo Clinic has contributed Informatics and clinical expertise to build Qualibria’s medical terminology management tools. The result is a platform that will allow clinical knowledge and best practices to be shared across organizations in a new, open architecture. Through this expanded collaboration, Mayo Clinic will provide expertise in developing this platform for the delivery of best practice clinical content, including knowledge, protocols, and care guidelines that will be made available to other Qualibria customers.

The press release went on to note that care delivery is becoming more focused on performance – at every level. Qualibria supports performance improvement initiatives by alerting clinical staff to variations from desired practice leading to reduction of inappropriate variation in care delivery. By presenting dashboards for specific sets of patients, based on condition, role or other criteria, Qualibria enables immediate access to relevant patient data, resulting in better clinical and financial outcomes.

Here are some of the benefits that Qualibria is said to deliver:

For clinicians:

  • More control over data, enabling care providers to rapidly review trends and patterns as well as variations from locally agreed best practices.

For hospital executives:

  • Track and manage quality initiatives at the time of care delivery, rather than only through retrospective reporting.

For information technologists:

  • Sophisticated tools that leverage existing and emerging Heath IT standards to take the heavy lifting out of connectivity between existing systems. Qualibria can combine data from both GE Centricity systems and non-GE systems.

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