Vistar Technologies Enables Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont Members to Search Healthcare Services.

Utilizing Vistar Technologies’ VIP Directory, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont (BCBSVT) is the first health plan in the state to provide online pricing and quality information to its members.

Vistar Technologies has launched a solution that allows Vistar clients to provide their members with access to their entire network of doctors, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare services via the internet. Information can be accessed anywhere, anytime using Web-enabled devices.
“Offering pricing and quality data transparency represents a huge step forward in empowering healthcare consumers with information so they can make informed decisions regarding their medical care,” said Myra Ameigh, President of Vistar Technologies. “We make available comprehensive records to members based on their specific coverage and type of procedures they are seeking, including provider performance and price information. BCBSVT members can compare their options and choose the providers and facilities that are best for them.”

In response to a state mandate for healthcare transparency, BCBSVT looked to Vistar to create a searchable, NCQA-compliant, online directory to include price information covering healthcare procedures, services, medical equipment and supplies, and quality information for hospitals and providers. The medical care cost estimates include associated services such as lab tests.

This price data helps members understand the expected costs they are likely to incur for medical care. Data transparency is in the forefront of national and state level healthcare initiatives and reform. BCBSVT has been a true leader in Vermont and on a national level with its drive and commitment to deliver meaningful information to their members, says, Myra Ameigh.

Using Vistar Technologies’ Service Oriented Architecture and comprehensive database, the VIP Directory allows clients to serve up vital information. Consumers can compare services and costs among hospitals and other treatment centers, in addition to performing searches by location, provider name and type of procedure. Vistar’s proprietary system maintains data integrity while displaying critical information in easy to search-and-read formats.

“This comprehensive, user-friendly technology, benefits consumers, medical care providers and insurers like BCBSVT,” said Myra Ameigh. “Our solutions are based on services-oriented technology which offers our clients the flexibility and data sharing capabilities to be ready for health care reform and information exchange.”


Vistar Technologies provides provider data management, credentialing and contracting software systems that support health plans, hospitals, health systems and medical practices. The company provides end-to-end solution including the Vistar Imaging Profiling System (VIPsystem) that automate workflow and maintain data integrity. For more information, visit the Vistar Technologies Web site at


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont (BCBSVT) is a nonprofit company headquartered in the Central Vermont community of Berlin, near Montpelier. It is the state’s largest health carrier that covers about 180,000 Vermonters and employs over 350 dedicated Vermont residents. BCBSVT has a unique role in Vermont. By law, BCBSVT must make health care benefits available to all Vermonters on a nondiscriminatory basis, regardless of age, gender, occupation or medical characteristics. Therefore, BCBSVT’s corporate mission is to offer its customers high quality, financially sound health benefits, supporting Vermont’s unique community- based health care system.

Source: Vistar Technologies

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