Benefit Harbor and BenefitSpan Deliver Innovation and Value for CDHC Administrators and Participants.

Benefit Harbor, a leading provider of integrated benefit enrollment and administration services has formed a strategic partnership with Consumer Health Technologies, Inc. (CHT). CHT is a CDHC software technology leader, providing services to administrators, payers, and financial institutions for the delivery of optimal benefits administration solutions in the CDHC market segment.

CHT develops BenefitSpan™, an award winning Consumer Directed Healthcare software platform which offers a comprehensive solution for FSA, HRA, and HSA account administration. As part of its partnership with CHT, Benefit Harbor will make available through BenefitSpan a comprehensive continuum of services including benefit administration, enrollment, and customer services for group and individual benefit plans.

The CDHC market is evolving at a dramatic pace; therefore, it is crucial to remain current on the most leading edge solutions available. We help companies initiate, develop, and deliver innovation in an extremely demanding market space, and for that, BenefitSpan was the obvious choice because it is a unified destination for all stake holders, regardless of company size or complexity of benefit design, said Bill Lester, the President of Benefit Harbor. Mr. Lester further added, The open architecture platform offers a range of advantages, such as 100% private-label services for the total administration of all CDHC accounts while integrating with multiple financial institutions. Additionally, BenefitSpan offers very strong dynamic packaging capabilities of high-value CDHC products and services, including telemedicine, health advocacy and wellness. This empowers plan participants with a new level of service and efficiency along with maximum flexibility and transparency, resulting in measurable cost containment for the consumers.

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Consumer Health Technologies, Inc. commented that, Benefit Harbor brings a unique set of capabilities to the CDHC space with a broad range of consumer engagement tools and support services highly relevant to benefit consultants, health plans and financial institutions alike. We are very excited to count them as part of the CHT family. This strategic partnership will position both partners in such a manner as to make them highly competitive in the CDHC market space.

About Benefit Harbor:

Benefit Harbor delivers total benefit solutions that enable employee benefit and delivery strategies by leveraging strategic relationships with carriers, specialized administration and enrollment firms, brokers/consultants, and plan sponsors. Benefit Harbor is uniquely differentiated by our proprietary technology that supports the integrated administration and enrollment of group and individual benefit plans on a single platform. Founded in 2000, we currently serve more than 1 million employees, support $2 billion in annualized premiums, and interface with over 700 group and voluntary carriers.

Benefit Harbor is part of the Summit Alliance Companies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The group also includes Summit Alliance Financial, a full-service insurance brokerage agency, and Summit Alliance Investment Group, a broker-dealer serving independent investment advisors and credit unions.

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Source: Consumer Health Tech

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