The Most Popular Health Insurance Websites for Women.

Using Hitwise Lifestyle, which incorporates MOSAIC USA, a leading household segmentation system, it is possible to identify the m ost popular websites in an industry that attract a specific segment.

For example, the top three websites in the Health Insurance category that attracted the largest volume of women aged 25-44 in the “Suburban Optimists” segment were Kaiser Permanente, GroupHealth and CIGNA for the four weeks ending 11/07/09.

The Suburban Optimists Type represents middle-class diversity with its high concentration of Asian, Hawaiian and white residents. These consumers tend to spend their disposable income on technology products, buying the latest laptops, video game players and home theater systems. They also describe themselves as early adopters and influential leaders when it comes to consumer electronics. Suburban Optimists frequently watch cable TV networks such as VH1, MTV and Spike TV. Finally, they enjoy watching comedies, network dramas and reality shows like “That 70s Show,” “E.R.” and “American Idol.” Lifestyle data is available on over 30,000 websites.

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Top Health Insurance Websites Visited by Women Aged 25-44 for the four weeks ending 11/07/09
Rank Site Domain Gender % Age % Mosaic USA Type %
1. Kaiser Permanente 59.14% 22.96% 1.64%
2. GroupHealth 67.65% 26.62% 0.84%
3. CIGNA 51.20% 35.05% 0.65%
4. Delta Dental Insurance Company 53.22% 18.49% 1.00%
5. eHealthInsurance 56.75% 36.18% 0.46%

Source: Hitwise Intelligence Blogs

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