Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by the Numbers.

$2.5 trillion — Cost of the bill is  over 10 years of full implementation

$848 billion — Subsidies provided through the exchanges, increased net outlays for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and tax credits for small employers.

$493.6 billion — New taxes on individuals and employers

$464 billion — Cuts to Medicare

$149 billion — Excise tax on high-premium insurance plans

$130 billion — The projected net reduction in federal deficits of  over the 2010-2019 period

$120 billion — Changes to existing law regarding tax preferences for health care and effects of other provisions on tax expenditures for health care

$25 billion — Unfunded state mandates in additional Medicaid expenditures over the 2010–2019 period

$15 billion — Amount allocated to  establish a Prevention and Public
Health Fund.

$8 billion — Penalty payments by employers whose workers received subsidies

25 million –  People who would purchase their own coverage through the new insurance exchanges

24 million — People would be left without insurance

19 million — People who will get a subsidy to help them buy health insurance

4 million — People the CBO estimates will choose the public option

$23,000 — The initial threshold for a single policy that will be subject to a
40 percent excise tax

$8,500 — The initial threshold for a single policy that will be subject to a
40 percent excise tax

2,074 — Number of pages of the bill

2,014 — The year most nonelderly people with income below 133 percent of the Federal Poverty Level would be made eligible for Medicaid.

$750 — The penalty an employer would have to pay for each full-time worker who obtained subsidized coverage (See 50)

50 — The number of workers an employer must have before they would have to pay a penalty if they did not offer coverage (See $750)

Source: CBO letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid dated November 18, 2009. Website:

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