Health Care Robots: Next Generation Decision-Making Software, Eliminates Manual Systems Labor.

Artwork by striatic

Artwork by striatic

Innovation Alert!

With health care reform taking the national spotlight, the sole point of agreement by all parties is that some form of change is necessary. Many health care industry experts believe that now is the worst time for government-mandated change because innovation has already begun to occur organically from within the industry. One Franklin Tennessee-based software company is helping to define that innovation and is garnering attention in the industry.

Linnaeus, Inc., a Franklin, Tennessee-based software company, has won Innovator of The Year honors for its healthcare administration automation product, Health Mason. It uses artificial intelligence to replace manual, inefficient, and error prone process of health care claim payment.

Health Mason claims to be the first product to automate this process from beginning to end and simultaneously accommodate the frequent contract and compliance changes in the industry that has stymied past software solutions.

The CEO of Linnaeus and creator of Health Mason, Sal Novin, describes Health Mason as a product that can emulate the work of a human claims examiner. He adds that it not only replicates the work of a human operator, it performs every process with the same mechanical precision as the last. And that, he says, dramatically decreases human error and increases quality.

Novin says the concept for Health Mason came out of an effort to overcome an unprecedented claim backlog for a health insurer. The conventional solution was to hire temporary staff to clear the work load; however new staff had very little health care experience. The result was the introduction of new errors that were even harder to fix.

Instead, Novin called on experience he gained working in the financial sector to develop a process that simulates human input into a system.

The first version of Health Mason, according to Norvin, was able to perform in two weeks what a 30 person department of examiners could not accomplish in a month. Today, the latest version of Health Mason can complete the same task in 50 hours. Most recently, Health Mason was required to audit claims – a significantly more complex task than claim editing or examining.

Healthcare reform legislation promises to bring a greater urgency to cutting insurance plan administrative costs. Therefore, products like Health Mason are sure to attract greater attention from carriers and investors alike.

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