UnitedHealthcare Plan Designed to Enhance the Health of Spanish Speaking Individuals.

Here is a bit of health plan innovation that I discovered recently. UnitedHealthcare’s PlanBienSM, an innovative suite of health plans featuring unique services to enhance the health and well-being of Spanish-speaking individuals, is now available in Arizona.

According to a press release issued by the company, PlanBien incorporates linguistically and culturally relevant health information and customer service programs into its plan designs at no extra charge, ensuring the coverage is tailored to meet the unique health care needs of Latinos. These resources include printed and online materials in both Spanish and English and information about health topics of particular interest to Latinos, such as diabetes management and heart health. Plan participants also have access to bilingual customer service representatives who can answer questions and help locate Spanish-speaking doctors.

“In developing PlanBien, we enhanced UnitedHealthcare’s quality and cost-effective health benefit plans with innovative support services that help address two growing areas of concern: the need to reduce the rate of the uninsured among the Hispanic population, and the effort to help Hispanics – many of whom communicate more comfortably in Spanish – better understand their health plan and become more engaged in their health care. We believe PlanBien can make a positive impact on both fronts,” said Benton Davis, president and CEO of UnitedHealthcare of Arizona.

PlanBien is currently offered in California, Florida and Texas as well as Arizona. More information about PlanBien is available online in Spanish and English at www.planbien.info/ and www.uhclatino.com.

Tailoring a health plan to a specific demographic is an interesting concept. I wonder how this might be applied to other groups.

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