The Two Meals-A-Day Diet Plan.

McDonald's Angus BurgerHere is another bit of news to drive home the point I have been making for the last week, or so, that we do not have a healthcare problem; we have a health problem caused by poor lifestyle choices. And, here is one of the reasons.

The Kansas City Star on Tuesday reported that McDonald’s Corp. has just grabbed a bigger share of the U.S. market. The company says it has accelerated its U.S. market share growth by selling new products and promoting old standbys — even as consumers eat out less.

The Star noted that the chain introduced iced coffees and a larger $3.99 Angus beef burger, and advertised its Big Macs to win sales. While I am sure that the iced coffee has its share of calories, McDonald’s latest nutrition data shows the Angus Burger has 590 calories and the Angus Burger with bacon and cheddar has 790. That compares with 530 calories for McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese and we all know what that did for our waistlines.

Keep in mind; no one is going to eat one of these big guys without that order of fries – another 500 calories for the large size (add another 15 calories for each packet of ketchup you use.). That’s almost half the daily calories needed by an active 25-year-old male to maintain a weight of 175 pounds.

According to the Star, McDonald’s accounted for 46.8 percent of the U.S. hamburger market last year; food-industry researcher Technomic Inc. says that Burger King Holdings Inc. was second with 14.2 percent.

By the way, that medium Caramel Cappuccino with whole milk you just ordered is 240 calories. Hold the fries!

Photo credit: McDonalds

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  1. Go ahead, take a half day off work and put that burger on a credit card – the government (and people who choose to be responsible) are there to take care of you!

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