Tweeting Live From AHIP Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the official kick-off the America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) annual meting called Institute being held here in San Diego, CA.

The morning’s keynote speakers include Jeb Bush, the former Governor of the State of Florida, Howard Dean, MD, Chairman, Democratic National Committee, 2005-2009; Founder, Democracy for America; Governor of Vermont, 1991-2003 and John A. Kitzhaber, MD, Governor of Oregon 1995-2003; Director, Center for Evidence Based Policy, Oregon Health & Science University. That should make for an interesting discussion.

A rally of supporters of a public health plan are expected to convene outside the San Diego Convention Center as they did in San Francisco last year. This will make for an interesting mix as attendees try to make they way from area hotels to the Convention Center.

I will be Tweeting live from AHIP and hope to to post a few blogs about the day.

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