What’s on the Horizon for Healthcare in the US?

Just arrived at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner where there is still a significant amount of snow on the ground as a result of the storm that occurred earlier in the week. Here to attend the 28th ECFC Annual Conference. The conference attracts employers, third party administrators, and others who are involved in providing or administering flexible benefits programs which include: flexible spending accounts, Section 125 plans, health reimbursement arrangements, dependent care accounts, health savings accounts and more.

Like any group that is involved with employee benefits, the big question on everyone’s minds is, “What will the future be look under an Obama administration?” Several hundred interested parties will be gathered here to try to find some answers.

Starting at 1:00 this afternoon, the group will begin to receive some insight during a session entitled, “What’s on the Horizon for Healthcare in the US?” Invited speakers from industry and academia will provide their views on current healthcare climate, foreseeable changes and the impact of the new administration on employee benefits as we know them.

Speaking will be, Thomas J. Mess, Director of Global Compensation and Benefits at The Procter & Gamble Company and Grace-Marie Turner, President of The Galen Institute.

That session will be followed by one conducted by Washington insider, David Castagnetti who will review the roster of healthcare players both in Congress and in the new administration.

Should be a fun afternoon, stay tuned.

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