Healthcare Should be a Business Strategy

There was a lot of enegy in the room during this afternoon’s session of the 28th ECFC Annual Meeting in Tysons Corner, VA outside Washington DC. The conference has  attracted employers, third party administrators, and others who are involved in providing or administering flexible benefits programs which include: flexible spending accounts, Section 125 plans, health reimbursement arrangements, dependent care accounts, health savings accounts and more.

Keynote speakers this afternoon were, Thomas J. Mess, Director of Global Compensation and Benefits at The Procter & Gamble Company and Grace-Marie Turner, President of The Galen Institute.

Key takeaways:

  • Healthcare should be a business strategy.
  • Cost of prevention is less than cost of treatment.
  • We have failed to market health to our employees.
  • Businesses should focus on improving employee health rather than through cost control.
  • Manage costs by managing risks.
  • People working in healthcare should set good health examples.
  • Behavior amounts to 40% of premature deaths.
  • Employers should fight to protect ERISA.
  • Universal healthcare coverage should be achieved by helping the uninsured obtain private coverage.
  • Maintain choices and incentives for innovation.

Up to Capitol Hill tomorrow. That should be very interesting.

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