New Marketing Tool Captures Brands’ “Share of Voice” on the Social Web.

When my call went out a few weeks ago to find health plans that were using social media as a means of engaging their members, one of the people who got in touch with me was Gretchen Miller of Vitrue, Inc.

Gretchen was quick to tell me that, while she was not with a health plan, she did have a tool that could tell me which health plans are doing well in this space.

Gretchen is with a firm called Vitrue, a social media marketing company for the Fortune 1,000, that provides a comprehensive social media marketing approach with a core technology platform to help brands launch campaigns, communities, Facebook applications, and just maintain an overall social presence on the web.

Gretchen told me that Vitrue had recently launched the Vitrue Social Media Index (SMI), which is designed to capture a brand’s share of voice on the social web. She told me that if I could give her a list of health plans that are using social media , she could give me measurements of their success in terms of their being present on sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and others.

Gretchen went on to explain that many of her firm’s clients struggle with social media issues such as:

  • Social media is too new and changing too fast for me to understand how to use it?
  • I know social media is important to my brand, but how to measure it?
  • There is too much data, what does it all mean?

The SMI was created to help answer some of these questions.

Gretchen said, “SMI is a simple, yet powerful tool to help marketers understand how their brand stacks up to their peers/competitors in the social space. It includes data from the most important social media sites on the web including blogs, video and photo sharing sites, social networks, and micro-blogs.”

But, SMI is more than just a snapshot in time; Gretchen said that it also provides trends, allowing brands to see how “social share of voice” fluctuates based on marketing campaigns, competitors’ activities, and external events. You can see tool at

So how do various health plans stack up in their social networking activity? I provided Gretchen with a list of health plans. Some of them I have written about in this blog regarding their use of social media. Others were brands that I selected because they are well known names nationally or regionally. The chart below shows how they stacked up.


What the SMI tool found was that, right now, Humana has a commanding presence on the social web with this competitive set.

You can also dig in and see Humana’s SMI score as of today, by going to:

Here is the breakout on where Humana has a presence on social media sites as of February 6, 2009:

  • 47.13% video sharing sites
  • 28.81% micro-blogs
  • 2.73% photo sharing sites
  • 9.87% on blogs
  • 11.48% social networks

Fun stuff and a great tool for bring some classical marketing measurements to these fast evolving new media.

If you are looking for more insight into social brands check out The Vitrue 100 – Top Social Brands of 2008 at Any guesses as to which brand was #1?

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