California Menus to Display Calorie Counts

Sometimes innovations in healthcare came in unexpected ways. For example, California Gov. Schwarzenegger just signed into law a bill that requires restaurant chains to post calorie information on their menu boards. Under the new law, chains with 20 or more locations will have to start offering brochures with nutritional information next year, and will have to post calorie information on the menu by the beginning of 2011.

In a press release Schwarzenegger said, “This legislation will help Californians make more informed, healthier choices by making calorie information easily accessible at thousands of restaurants throughout our state.”

With obesity being one of the most costly burdens on the health care system today, these types of educational efforts are to be appaluded. I was in New York City recently where a similar law was inacted and encountered calorie information on my menu at a TGIFridays. Beleive me, it had an influence over what I ordered. We see alot in the news about transparencey in health care pricing. In the long run transparency on restaurant menus may do more to help solve some of the country’s health problems.

I am just gald the calorie listing have yet to make it to the wine list.

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